Who Else Wants To Enjoy How To Increase Affiliate Sales

Who Else Wants To Enjoy How To Increase Affiliate Sales


5 Tips And Trick To Increase Affiliate Sales

Who Else Wants To Enjoy How To Increase Affiliate Sales

Hey everybody, would you like to know how to Increase affiliate sales, more commission and to maximise your profitability by promoting other people products? in this article, I am going to give you five great tips and tricks that I think are going to help you to maximise your profitability that will make you money.

Affiliate sales are any time that you are promoting somebody else product so it could be through affiliate products like Clickbank or if you are in an affiliate program, lead marketing pro. If you are in network marketing then you are an affiliate for that company product right, the companies compensation are different or if you are in direct sales you are an affiliate marketer, if you are in insurance sales even then you are an affiliate marketer for that insurance company insurance policy.

Creating In Between

Especially if you really want to do this online, I think this tips will help you out and help you to become more successful or see why you haven’t succeeded as much as you like. So my first tip to you is creating in between, what I mean by creating in between? well, you have to understand that most affiliates are lazy. Most affiliate simply want to simply send traffic straight over to the product creator Lead capture page, Sales Page and same to network marketer want to send traffic directly to their replicated website and this just doesn’t work very well if for no other reason because all of the other network marketer and affiliate marketers are trying to do the same thing. You haven’t done anything that set you apart right.

So when you creating In between kind of like a blog post, an article that I am writing now or creating short videos which answer some questions for people maybe you provide some values that help them solve some problems. You basically connect the dots as to why they should take the next step. Most affiliates are just relying hundred percent on the products creator to do all of the heavy liftings. The truth is they do most of the heavy liftings, they create the product, they take care of the legal stuff, they take care of product fulfilment, order delivering, money handling, refund and customer service but you have to do a little more than just send traffic.

Creating an In between like this can really help you to do that and by the way, if you want to get all the in-between tips and tricks resources and tools for free which I am spending my time and money on how I use them and my review and campaign I have run so far, you definitely subscribe to this blog and also show some love by sharing this blog post so that you cannot miss the next blog post update.

Purchase The Product And Do Product Review

Who Else Wants To Enjoy How To Increase Affiliate Sales


Do a product review a really great way to do this especially if it is information product is to do a behind the scene like screen sharing a review with software like Camtasia if are on a windows computer? ScreenFlow on Mac. Record your screen an just show them a little snick pick of some of the things they are going to have access to when they get inside the program.

What those things do is that it gives you credibility shows that you actually own the product, you are going to have to have opportunities to sell the product much more effectively. Buy the products yourself and that means you’ve lived in it and you have used it and also got a result with it. You can transfer that believe then to other people.

Do A Comparison Video or Blog Review Between Your Product and Similar Product

Sometimes you could be an affiliate for both products, I have actually done this on my other review website. If you are selling a very popular weight loss program or some sort of work out program, could you compare it to another popular program? The game changer is when you give a genuine review of both products without being bias about it.

Have Your Own Bonuses

You have to give people incentives to whom want to buy from you over all the other people and your bonuses could be something simple as a thirty minutes phone call with you, it could be a short report guide on PDF. You have something of value on post that you’ve hidden on your site, you can give them out for free, it could be a product, a webinar with you and there are a lot of things you can do to give away extra value it can even be a Facebook mastermind group coaching and something like that basically give people extra incentive to want to buy from you over other affiliates out there. And my fifth and last but not the least and final tip is.

Build An Audience

Who Else Wants To Enjoy How To Increase Affiliate Sales

Most affiliates are kind of sending traffic directly to the product creator sales page and they are bypassing basically this traffic is not getting to know them at all, my traffic has to know me because my business is not those affiliate products but my business is me and my audience and the relationship that I create with them and so I am more focus when I am promoting affiliate product on building my own List first because if they don’t buy this particular affiliate product today they may buy another one from me down the road.

And I can do this by pixeling them on my special website creating custom audiences inside of Facebook. I do this by creating a list like Getresponse autoresponder and that is probably the number one way for you to it but you ought to start building your own audience if not you are really shooting yourself from the foot and you surely starting from the scratch to the beginning of every single new month. So I hope youve got value from this five tips? and like I said if really want to dive deep free and share with you all tips and tricks to show you exactly how I do all these things so that you can avoid those pitfalls from my experience from affiliate marketing make sure you follow on social media like Facebook and Twitter so that you don’t miss out on the next blog update and if get value from this blog post make sure that you comment below and share on Facebook


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