The Truth About Facebook Page For Affiliate Marketing

The Truth About Facebook Page For Affiliate Marketing

The Advantages Of Facebook Page For Affiliate Marketing

facebook page for affiliate marketing

Do you want to increase awareness for your affiliate marketing products or services? The Facebook page can be of robust advantages for your business.It is the most extensive online social networking website with the primary intention of connecting peoples of all categories including friends, family and businessman. It was launched in Feb 2004 and managed by Facebook Inc.It can share affiliate products or services photographs uploaded via computer; the mobile phone user can activate customised option so that his/her profile info and pictures can be viewed by their friends alone or to the public.

The user can create groups with school friends, college friends, co-workers etc. and update their favourite music’s, photos, & videos etc. and receive comments for posting.

History of Facebook:

Mark Zuckerberg a Harvard University student was the founder of Facemash, a predecessor of Facebook; In 2004 Facebook was introduced with the name as “The Facebook”. Hence it gains more popularity Zuckerberg along with three friends Duston Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin and Chris Hughes developed today’s advanced facebook with more applications.

In 2005 Zuckerberg launched a high-school version which needs the invitation to join, but later it was changed that the user with a valid email address can create their Affiliate market products Facebook account.

Facebook has its Headquarters in Ireland initially, and then shifted to California in early 2011.

How to get more fans for an Affiliate Market Facebook page:

facebook page for affiliate marketing

In this article, I will examine the methods to get more fans to a Facebook page for affiliate marketing.

*Welcome the visitors: 

Once a guest visits your Affiliate market facebook page, it ought to have valuable information for them. So set up a welcome page that has the hint why they should visit your affiliate market facebook page?

The affiliate market facebook page should have a canvas page with a video that explains about your Fan page, its uses and reason for becoming members.

*Request your friends and followers on other social sites: 

If you have any followers on additional social sites, email friends, LinkedIn request them to join the Facebook fan page. Always send a request to people who are interested in following you. Frequently provide updates about your page to Facebook friends, so that there may be a chance to follow. Invite the Twitter connections and other social sites friends to join your affiliate marketing Facebook fan page.

*Create a fan page with attractive title:

Always try to create the title with the primary keyword. Before creating the title do research to select a title. The chosen title should be catchy without slipping out from the theme.

*Promoting Facebook URL: (Facebook Page For Affiliate Marketing)

Get the customised URL from; this URL will be very short and easy to remember. Don’t forget to add your affiliate market Facebook URL in the business card, fliers, the product combines, any printed promotional materials, brochures etc.

*Targeted content:

The content should be relevant to audience need and should be targeted to one department, don’t mix TV shows with On-line dating. The contents of the Facebook page can obtain from, Ezine, Blog Searching, Quotes etc.

*Display Facebook sign at a workstation or physical space:

facebook logo signs

For getting more followers one can display a symbol for the Facebook at workstation, office door, windows, and vehicles with URL printed.

*Post photos:

While hosting a live event don’t forget to take more pictures with a clear focus and upload it to the fan page. Instead of text picture can provide broad exposure and encourage fans to tag themselves.

*Advertising via Facebook:

The Facebook advertisement should target by age group, locations, interest. Pay-per-click manages the Facebook advertisements. The fan count can increase by using the features of Facebook’s social ad.

*Email signature link:

If you provide the link of fan page at the signature of the email, then it can be quickly promoted worldwide when you send an email.

*Post videos:

Loading a video content to your affiliate market Facebook fan page allows the audience to view the video and become a fan. So always try to upload more videos on your fan page.

*Run a contest:

According to the Facebook Promotional Guidelines, you need to get prior written permission from Facebook and need to spend a significant amount for adds per month. Try to conduct contests for fans and provide gifts like cyber-award, tangible product etc. for winners.

*Sharing comments:

The handy feature Share button helps to share comments from different people. Periodically visit the fan page and sharing comments on exciting news, social messages etc. will enhance the fan count.

*Fans connection via smartphone:

Using the high advanced Smartphone, a fan can connect with the fan page. By subscribing data pack or via SMS the audiences are connected with the Facebook fan page.


So let me ask a question, will you agree with me that to have affiliate marketing facebook page can boost awareness for your business? Please choose your answer by using the comment box below the content, And in case for any reason you have seen more of this here is another similar topic by Brian Clark
Once again I just want to say thank you for taking your time to read my blog, and if for ANY reason you have questions related to the facebook page for affiliate marketing, please send me a message, and I will be glad to help you out.

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