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How To setup Affiliate Marketing Review Website-simple

How To setup Affiliate Marketing Review Website-simple

What We Need to Set up Affiliate Marketing Review Website

How To setup an Affiliate Marketing Review Website-Simple

Hello in this article I will be sharing with you how to set up an affiliate marketing review website using WordPress theme called best WordPress theme. You see the image below and is a really great looking site and it also has great product reviews so that you can review products and add your affiliate link that way. It has blogs pages, in fact, it has everything you need in other to create a great looking affiliate marketing website.

Now don’t worry if you are completely new to this subject or maybe you thinking about adding extra money, that what you must have heard about affiliate marketing when you want to get something set up.I am going to hold your hand and take you step by step in terms of what affiliate marketing is and as well where to sign-up as an affiliate through to creating the website and everything in between so I hope you will come with me on this journey to create website and remember I am here if you get stuck or if have any question please just post in the comment box below and I will do my best to answer and help you out in other to get you where you need to be, so well let us get started.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

How To setup an Affiliate Marketing Review Website-Simple



Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn some money basically and I have been in affiliate marketing for quite some few years now. The way affiliate marketing works are you basically add links to your website or on your social media platforms to another website on the internet and when someone clicks on your link goes that online shop and make a purchase, you earn a commission is really as simple as that.
Now in becoming an affiliate you basically is to go the merchant site and if you look down below say like Amazon and more associate programs.

How To Make an Affiliate Marketing Review Website-Simple

Generally most web stores like the ones I have just mentioned, you come across if you go to the bottom you will find an affiliate section and if you get there you can then sign up and become an affiliate and then they will give you your special tracking links. You can then use on your social media website.

There also few affiliate networks that are also great places to sign up and find products like Clickbank which is sort of full of E-type products like e-books, Podcast, Green products and again you can promote those products and get good commission.

How To Make an Affiliate Marketing Review Website-Simple

There is commission Junction which is another large affiliate network full of merchants from all sort of places and again you sign up once there then you can apply to become an affiliate.

How To Make an Affiliate Marketing Review Website-Simple

Affiliate Marketing Review website- Step by Step

Now we will start creating affiliate marketing website and is going to be based on doing products review and is a very good way of earning commission because people when they are looking to buy something they are going to be looking for reviews just before there make that purchase, a review site basically put you towards the end of the buying circle just before they make purchase.

So they can come to your website read your review or watch it if is a video, they click your link and go through provided you’ve offered a good review and said is what buying hopefully they then make their purchase and you can earn your commission.

Now I know all these pieces of information pretty sound better like is going to work hopefully I will be breaking it down as you continue reading and we take it step by step and before you know it you get your affiliate marketing website setup and you will understand what affiliate marketing is and how you can earn some money from it.

Before we get started and jump in, in terms of how to set up affiliate marketing review website, first you have to think about is what you want actually to make your website about. In this blog, I am making this website about affiliate marketing funny enough because that is what I know and love.

Make Website About What You are Passionate About

How To Make an Affiliate Marketing Review Website-Simple

The website we will make today is review about WordPress theme kinds of stuff that is good for affiliate marketing review products but obviously, you should make your website about what you are into, I suggest when you are choosing an affiliate subject you do have to go for something that you are quite passionate about because you will be needing some content in other for this to work and when I say content I am talking about videos, articles, reviews and blog posts.

Eventually, if you are not yet into something that can be quite tricky, so if you choose to promote cameras and you know nothing about it then you are definitely going to struggle to make it work.

My first small advice is to choose something that you are interested into, now in term of marketing the website and getting traffic what I have decided to do is after this blog post goes off, I am then going to create more blog post around the subject how to get traffic to your website, how to do SEO, social media and that kind of stuff. This is the first blog post from a series and makes sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on those.

It will be series of a blog post all about promotion in marketing that will make people come onto your review website, is like I am talking too much now and let get going. I am to go through what you need in other to get your affiliate marketing review website setup.

What You Need To Get Your Website Set up

How To Make an Affiliate Marketing Review Website-Simple

There is a couple of things you will need to purchase today to get your website online but don’t worry there is no huge cost and hopefully be aware of investment when you start earning money from affiliate marketing. The first thing we will need today is some website hosting and a domain name. Now a domain name is a dot com, dot net, dot info, dot ng, dot UK, whatever, there are a whole lot of dots at the moment.

If you already got one of those great, if you haven’t then I am going to show you how you can register one today and the cost of that domain name does depend on where you get it. Then we are looking about $10 to $12 a year not huge expenses and the next thing we will want is the hosting, hosting is basically where your website lives on the internet and I am going to recommend a company called 1Dollar-web hosting, you can host your website there just for only a dollar monthly so no huge investment there for hosting and it goes with SSL protection and it comes with money back guarantee as well.

The final thing we will need today is WordPress theme and is a premium theme, basically what that means is it gives us the functionality we need on our website it gives us the looks and feels. I am sure is a great theme aim at making a reviews site and allow users to add reviews to your site as well star rating and sending people off to your affiliate links.

There is a small cost for this theme is just $20 and for that, you will get free update theme you get support from the theme developers. You get a really great theme that gives you the functionality and makes the website do what you want it to do so in terms of your investment today, you have to need $1 for hosting $12 for domain name which basically I recommend Godaddy.com and $20 for the premium theme so I hope that is not going to break the bank for you, now if you get stuck at any point during this blog post i am here to help you leave a message in the comment box below and I will do my best to help you out that way.

I just want you to know what getting for in terms of getting this website set up and running

  • Where To Hosting Our Website
  • Where To Get Cheap Domain Name
  • Where To Purchasing Our Theme

So let get started

Where To Host Our Website

So hosting is basically where your website lives on the internet you have a little bit of a server which is commonly known as a big computer hire the company and they put your website online for you they give you tools that you need to up and running. I will recommend a company called 1Dollar-web hosting. Which I have used for quite some time, they are really great value for money with really low prices. And they don’t compromise on service just because they’ve got low prices you get great uptime to see your website doesn’t go down and you get some good support quickly.

How To setup an Affiliate Marketing Review Website-Simple

All the website I have built in this blog I use 1Dollar-web hosting and they work fine you can go check them out if you’ve got any doubt, You get the money back guarantee if for any reason it does not work well you get your money back no question ask.

Where To Get Domain Pretty Cheap Domain Name

We have already figure out domain name if you want to get a domain name just for $10 you can go get it from godaddy.com or namecheap.com, I use GoDaddy and they been very efficient from the experience I got from their service and I recommend you get your domain from these two places. If you haven’t got one a domain name is dot com, Dot Uk, dot ng, and whatever.

How To setup an Affiliate Marketing Review Website-Simple

Where To Good WordPress Theme For Our Affiliate Marketing Review Website

How To setup an Affiliate Marketing Review Website-Simple

The next thing is to Install our theme and we will hover over Socrates theme is where we are going to get our theme from is a custom theme made ready, I always recommend premium themes because they are generally made of high quality than free version and you will get regular updates which are good for security and adding extra features functionality. You will also get full support from these theme developers if you get stuck or anything like that and you probably drop them a line and they will help you out. Now if you want to purchase this theme is $20 and I put the link already attached above so that is the affiliate link thank you very much and I do actually recommend theme I used myself.

Final Thought

Having our own affiliate marketing review website set up and running is just with a couple of things that we will need without breaking our banks like the domain name web hosting company, great good theme and our website will be online. So we have to put our affiliate link on the website and when people click the link go through the online shop and make a purchase then we make a commission.






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