About Steve

Welcome to Affiliate Market Programs, here is the blueprint for successful affiliate marketing.


Steve Ogida has been on the internet since 2012 and Steve’s mission is to teach internet Entrepreneurship and affiliate marketing as way for business building, Branding, Income generation and capturing of Leads.

For full 3 years, he worked on his affiliate marketing business part-time each and every day from 1.pm to 3.am while still holding a full-time Job. Even sometime no money to pay for his internet connection monthly subscription and then his connection will be terminated for weeks or even a month before he can reconnect again, so much struggle right?

Steve was seriously motivated to succeed to build a better life for himself and family and to clear credit card debts. And after three years of perseverance then he made his first $27 online and has been doing so everyday online since then.



Affiliate Marketing is My passion

My Passionate is about teaching the affiliate marketing because it can choose somebody to live better life style with more determination and money liberty. I believe that one who is willing to learn and put in the effort can change his life with the affiliate marketing business!



My Target With Affiliate market programs

My purpose for Affiliate Market Programs.com is to teach about how affiliate marketers like myself can succeed because the things that stops a lot of people from achieving their goal in affiliate marketing is lack of right tested proving system and is what I am passionate about so if that is you then you are in the right place.

There are lot of opportunities there that need help to be successful in affiliate marketing! and this will be one of my major target to be of help so that they can live the life style they want and also will be free from analysis paralysis syndrome that I experience before I finally decided to be where I am now today and I promised that you will never regret it!

All the best,

Steve Ogida