7 Beginner Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Do you know that long time ago when I started in affiliate marketing, I made these 7 affiliate marketing mistakes I should have avoided? Which makes me start chasing different products that will promise you heaven and earth, do you understand? and I didn’t know the mistake I made then was because I am new in affiliate marketing Industry.

All along these years of experience with affiliate marketing also to share what I have learned with other like-minded affiliate marketers, I have realized there are 7 Common beginner mistakes that affiliate marketers have to aviod.

avoid these 7 mistake affiliate marketers make

Now let us discuss these mistake in more detail.

Allow Your Helping Hand Be More Than Desire To Sell Products

Did you hear me right? because when you help to solve a problem and teach what you’ve learned in affiliate marketing, you will start building trust. After when we succeeded in building trust, and then allow the sales page to start doing the job where our affiliate link leads the readers to.

It was so horrible when I first started, my everyday feeling was to fill my article with all round my affiliate link that people should come and BUY THIS, BUY THAT! and didn’t help the reader to know why they should buy, and I was interested in the reader or viewer if it is on YouTube, to purchase that product through my affiliate link that I will make a commission.

Reviews for the product is very vital because naturally, somebody would like to know other people opinion about that product before taking any decision, right? let’s take for example CLICKBANK or Amazon product where we find a lot of reviews and these reviews make the product much more reliable and relevant to whom is interested in buying it.

If we give a genuine review on every product that we know about, instead of being a sales personnel, we will likely make more sales and readers will want to come back to you whenever they have any product in mind to purchase.

Joining Too Many Affiliate Program

I was a full-time victim of this mistake, joining every affiliate program that I find on the Internet. Believing that is an avenue to create multiple streams of income when marketing online and which is not the case.

Either be in one affiliate program and it will all be easily manageable for you to deal with.

Not Testing Vendors Product

I realized that it is very crucial to test any product before we can promote such affiliate product.

know more about product before you recommend

so let’s take wealthyaffiliate.com for example that I wrote a review on. They gave me the opportunity to put myself in a place of a potential customer with their free trial and I opted in to test the materials and tools for one full month and now I can confidently recommend them to any of my readers.

Don’t recommend any product without testing and even if you want to write a review, I advise you only talk about what the Vendor says it can do!

Not Tracking Affiliate Links

It was actually part of Ignorance when I first started affiliate marketing that I didn’t know tracking affiliate link is such a crucial aspect, which we know that this practice can show us with the statistic which Campaign to scale.

track your affiliate link

Promoting Clickbank products on these pages is part of my business hubby, but didn’t know that to use unique tracking ID on each page is very important.

It is regarded as a mistake because if a customer purchased your product, definitely you will want to know where the sales come from, right? then you can know exactly which pages are converting.

Creating a unique Hop tracking ID for Clickbank link is very easy. Just log in to your Clickbank account affiliate dashboard, click “marketplace” at the very top on the right, then click “on the category list of product you would like to promote” at the very center on the left, then go ahead and click promote and a small page will pop up at the very top on the left. Type inside the box your account nickname and write any name you like inside tracking ID optional box, then go ahead and click Create.

I suggest is better for you to know the page where you got your commission from and this will make you stand out from other marketers and to know which Campaign to grow and scale.

Not Comparing Products.

After a long time of testing various method of why the reviews I write for a product doesn’t have high CTR, I later find out that is good to compare the main product with two other similar products.

Do you know that when a buyer wants to buy any physical product, they usually prefer to have the option of this product may be from 2 to 4 kind maximum, that they can choose from?

This Idea of comparing 2 to 4 physical products I now help my readers not only to make choices but also I will have affiliate links of these other products present to them, therefore I will have the opportunity to make a commission from 4 different products instead of one.

In due time, after I have I used the tracking method to track the web page. Then I will be able to know the Converting product readers are highly interested in and I will move this product to the top of my page.

Please always compare web page is very important because it increases profitability for your marketing and also helpful for your readers.

Get Rich Online Products

I prefer to only talk about the benefit of the product or coaching even the reason why it sounds good me. You mustn’t deceive people in other not to lose credibility before your readers.

Jumping From One System To Another

When you are beginning as an affiliate marketer, do not jump from one Idea of making money online to another. It happens a lot of time that whenever you find something new in a forum that you are in, then of you go and start chasing that Idea when you haven’t finished the first one.

It is the biggest downfall for any affiliate marketer either new or seasoned. When you start campaign or project, try to finish it before you can jump to another. Remain focus and don’t be distracted by butterflies that fly on a constant basis.

Be self-determined if you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer and if you are not yet, you will have to learn it though it takes the time you will definitely get there. And once you are already aware of the mistake that can cause a setback to profit and productivity you will be able to grow long term business.

If this type of one remains to be open to you already, Upwork has a similar article. Recommend in case you want to broaden your knowledge more on this topic.

Best Wishes

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