10 Quick Tips About Optin Pages

10 Quick Tips About Optin Pages

The opt-in page is something an aspiring successful marketer should have in his arsenal. Having an Opt-in page is not the final obligation rather it should be attached with a lead magnet or in other words a giveaway offer that will incline people to signup.
And if that is you stay back to know 10 quick tips I will highlight on about opt-in Page becoming one of the best options to get an audience who are interested in what you have to offer.

A good friend of mine Mark Yun who has been in email marketing for quite over 10 years now, He told me that if anybody wants to succeed in marketing you should form the habit of creating pages and especially opt-in page. When he said so, I laughed and thought it was a joke and I continue with my usual traditional way which I thought was the best.
Well! I would n`t be shy to say this. Do you know that after 2 months of apply Optin page method which Mark told me about last time, my opt-in rate increase by about 20%?

How did 10 Quick Tips About opt-in Pages Become The Best

Find Out?

opt-in page

creating an opt-in page cannot be lot more easier after reading this article

    • -Having an opt-in page to your business product and services give you an edge of turning visitors into subscribers.
      When they see and read that what you offer is informative to them and thereby benefit from more of content, they have no option than to opt-in to your newsletter by using the Opt-in form.
    • Essentiality of Image

      A beautiful and Visual image is very vital so when people see that, they will be attracted to signup.

    • -Eye Catchy Headline

      Eye Catchy headline inside Opt-in Page motivates visitors to sign up even if your offer does not worth it.

    • -How split Testing is part of a vast Right-wing conspiracy

      Split A/B Testing will give you an advantage over your competitors to know which of the different opt-in pages convert most, this is something you really have to take seriously in your marketing.

    • -How not know 2 Page Style opt-in page makes you a rookie

      A 2-page style opt-in page is an opt-in page where you will be taken through first and second page but you definitely going to sign up once. this gives you the opportunity to display some graphic image and text that will attract people to take a decision to sign up quickly.

    • -How One Opt-in Box can take you out of trouble

      An opt-in page should not contain more than 2 opt-in boxes as this can reduce the opt-in rate if you ask for more information instead of name and email, I sincerely recommend only one field box which requires only people email address.

    • -Who really uses Spam Free Disclaimer

      There should always be spam free disclaimer on every Opt-in page that you own because it`s CANN policy and people trust you even more.

    • -Warning you are losing money why not using a call to action button

      The call to action button should be red or yellow colour, I have tested it and converts faster than other colours.

    • -Save your marketing using double opt-in

      Please remember to enable the page for double opt-in, not that single opt-in isn`t good but it reduced the quality of email list that you have.

    • -What everyone is saying about subheadline

      As the saying goes that Headline grab attention but without the help of subheadline that can`t happen. So you also need to add subheadline to supports the headline.

(Recap) The point that Opt-in page has just only 5 Parts.

opt-in page

creating of opt-in page cannot be much easier after reading this article

  1. Headline

  2. Image

  3. Target Point

  4. Opt-in Box

  5. Sub-headline


Now the issue is that in other to have an opt-in page that will do the job that is meant for, you have to apply all the 10 tips that I talked about earlier together with these 5 Parts to create an Opt-in page.


      • The opt-in -: Double or single is up to you but I strongly prefer double as it will increase the quality of email list.
      • Headline-: The headline must be eye catchy and grab attention.
      • Images-: The image should be Graphically creative and visually balanced.
      • Target points and Sub-headline-: this should be ideally written in other to be of edgy support for the headline
      • Call to action Button-: Red and Yellow is the best colour that inclines people to sign up.
      • One Opt-in Box-: Do not use maximum 2 opt-in boxes on any page.
      • Split A/B Testing-: This is something you really have to take seriously in your marketing.
      • 2-page style Opt-in-: Using this style of opt-in page enhances deliverability.
      • Who really uses Spam Free Disclaimer-: There should be Spam Free Disclaimer on opt-in page.
      • Attach opt-in page side by side to Marketing-: Something that must add value e.g valuable informative offer.


To crown it all, would you agree with me that using Opt-in page compose of the 5 parts and the 10 tips that I highlighted will boost your marketing drastically and if you have any question about this topic, please don`t hesitate to give me a shot and I will be happily ready to help.
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